Ninebot eKickScooter ZING C20


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Our brand-new electric kickscooter for kids is built for safety and excitement. With its sturdy construction and reliable braking system, parents can rest easy while kids have a blast cruising around. Its vibrant accent color and cool design elements make every ride an adventure in style!

*To reduce the risk of injury, adult supervision is required when a child is riding.

High Elastic Solid Rubber Tires
44 - 165 lbs (20-75 kg) Payload
165 lbs Max Payload
Top Speed
12.4 mph Max. Speed
Miles Range
12.4 Miles Range
Hand-operated brake
Recommended Age
10+ years old
Recommended Height
4'7" - 5' 10"
Riding Modes
3 Riding Modes: Safe Mode, Turbo Mode, Cruise Mode

Modern Electric Technology Makes Riding Even More Fun

Empower children's balance and control development with cutting-edge smart-tech and a two-wheel design for maximum effectiveness on this kid's electric scooter.

Ninebot Electric Scooter C20

Safe Mode

Great for beginners, this mode includes a speed limit of 6.2 MPH to ensure a safe learning experience.

Ninebot Electric Scooter C20

Cruise Mode

Beginner riders can quickly accelerate and cruise by simply pressing the throttle.

Ninebot Electric Scooter C20

Turbo Mode

This electric scooter can reach a maximum speed of 10mph for experienced riders. To accelerate, kick the ground, switch to cruise mode, and enjoy the ride.

Ninebot Electric Scooter C20

Kid-Friendly Ergonomics

With an ultra-low pedal, compact handbrakes, and a stylish curved frame featuring no sharp angles, this model is perfect for 8-—to 14-year-olds.

Ninebot Electric Scooter C20

Stand Out in Style

Your kiddo will love the easy-to-handle lightweight frame, intuitive handlebar design, and fun color combos.

Ninebot Electric Scooter C20

Safe, Reliable, Worry-Free Riding

The ZING’s handbrake features a built-in switch sensor that reacts to braking movements in real time, adding an extra layer of control and safety. This sensor quickly cuts off power input, making it easier and quicker for little riders to brake.

Ninebot Electric Scooter C20

Smart System and Design

Segway’s improved algorithm helps prevent accidents caused by accidental throttle touches. The motor won't kick in until the speed reaches 1.9 mph (3 km/h), adding an extra layer of safety and peace of mind.

Ninebot Electric Scooter C20

Mechanical Braking System

Using a durable and reliable mechanical braking system with built-in sensor, the scooter can cut off the power immediately when the braking action is detected. Riders can brake timely with ease.

Ninebot Electric Scooter C20

Quick-Release Design

ZING’s 3-second fold or unfold design makes it easy to store on the go.

Ninebot Electric Scooter C20

Dual Tube Frame

The frame is made of high-strength steel, is tough and sturdy, and can support a static load of up to 661.4 lbs (300 kg). Having passed a rigorous 621.4 mile (1,000 km) riding durability test, it delivers a stable and reliable ride for your kids.

Ninebot Electric Scooter C20

Sensorless Brushless Hub Motor

With our Sensorless Brushless Hub Motor, simplicity meets reliability, guaranteeing rapid response times and powerful performance.

Ninebot Electric Scooter C20

Highly Elastic Solid Rubber Tires

Engineered with state-of-the-art materials and tread designs, our tires offer exceptional grip, superior shock absorption, and excellent slip resistance. From rough terrain to smooth pavement, these tires can easily tackle any challenge.

Ninebot Electric Scooter C20

Battery Management System (BMS)

The BMS keeps a close eye on the battery's performance at all times, featuring overcharge and discharge, short circuit, and temperature protection to guarantee your peace of mind and the battery's lifespan.

Ninebot Electric Scooter C20

Integrated Throttle

Easy scooter handling

Ninebot Electric Scooter C20

TPR Handlebar

Easy-to-use and hassle-free cleaning

Ninebot Electric Scooter C20

Wider Fenders

This feature promises an end to mud-related woes

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