Segway Trailblazer Trek Pack

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Powering your off-road scooters to go the distance! Segway Off-road SuperScooter GT2 and its portable power station companion Cube1000.

Segway Cube 1000 has a capacity of 1 kWh with the following key features:

Cordless Expandable Power up to 5 kWh - tailoring your power needs from 1 to 5 kWh in various scenarios by stacking Cube Battery Packs* without cord hassles.

Powerful AC Output of 2,200 W -  powering over 90% of appliances.


* Battery packs are sold separately. 1 battery pack = 1kWh.



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This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DEHP), which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to:

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Cordless expandable power from 1 - 5 kWh
2,200W High AC power output drives over 90% appliances
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12 output sockets multi-device rechargeable
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Fast recharging in 1.2 hrs per kWh (by wall-outlet)
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Metal Armor Covered + IP56 Battery Pack
Max Power 450W
Reliable LFP battery + BMS battery protection mechanism
Max Power 450W
Lasts over 10 years if used fully once a day
Max Power 450W
Year-round output temperature 14 to 113°F
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What Can You Do With 1kWh Capacity?

Outdoor Power Source

  • 87 charges for a smart phone of 11 Wh capacity
  • 200 hrs for a USB light of 5 W
  • 16 charges for a laptop of 60 Wh capacity
  • 0.9 hrs for a coffee maker of 1000 W

Indoor Power Source

  • 1.3 hrs for a microwave of 800 W
  • 5.7 hrs for a refrigerator of 150 W
  • 0.9 hrs for an electric dryer of 1,000 W
  • 7.1 hrs for a washing machine of 120 W
  • 1.1 hrs for a vacuum of 800 W
  • 1.8 hrs for a hair dryer of 500 W
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Segway Portable Power Station Cube 1000 Expandable, Durable and Reliable

Cordless Expandable Power at Your Service

The unique cordless power expandability allows you to use the power from 1 to 5 kWh to meet different needs at home and camping without any cold hassle.

2,200W Powerful AC Output

The high AC output of 2,200W with the R-drive function* meets the power needs of more than 90% appliances and even drives devices with power consumptions of up to 4,400W.

Powered by Safety and Reliability

Segway’s Battery Management System ensures the safety of you and the power station by 10 protection mechanisms such as over-voltage, and over-current protection.

*Note: the R-Drive function is suitable for resistive devices and appliances with low sensitivity, such as electric kettles, hair dryers, electric cookers, electric ovens,etc.

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