Segway GoKart Pro 2

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Drive, game, and ride on the Segway GoKart Pro 2. Boasting a top speed of 26.7mph, compatible with PCs, and reassembled into a Ninebot S Max, this 3-in-1 device can be enjoyed not only outside as a GoKart or a self-balancing scooter, but also indoors as a racing game controller. 


*Note: not compatible with PS5.


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360° Haptic Feedback
Auto-Centering Steering Wheel
Paddle Shifter for Seamless Gear Shifts
15% Hill Grade
Manual Drive Mode
APP Control
26.7 Mph Max. Speed
Top Speed
15.5 miles Theoretical Range
Max 220 lbs (100 kg) Payload
1.02G Max Acceleration
Miles Range
Adjustable Chassis
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Segway GoKart Pro 2 Drive, Game, and Ride

The GoKart Pro 2 upgrades all the functions of the first generation and adds a new gaming function. When connecting to a computer, this GoKart will be transformed into a game simulator. Feel every twist, turn, and collision as you race—like strapping a roller coaster to your electric GoKart.

The GoKart Pro 2 clocks in at a blistering 26.7 mph. Whether you’re tearing up the asphalt or drifting, our rear-engine, rear-wheel-drive layout ensures unbeatable stability and handling. Drift like a pro and leave gravity in the dust!

There’s more — the detachable self-balancing scooter Ninebot S Max, which allows you to glide through the streets and have an urban exploration!

Driving, gaming, and riding. Get ready to redefine fun!

26.7 mph Max Speed
15.5 Mi Typical Range
4,800 W Max. Power
15 % Max Slope

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