Ninebot Mecha Kit

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Turn your Ninebot Scooter (Ninebot S / Ninebot S Kids) into the game of a lifetime, with our easy-to-use and exciting Ninebot Mecha Kit


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Supported models: Ninebot S, Ninebot S Kids & Ninebot S-PRO
Ambient-Light Safety
220 lbs Max Payload
Top Speed
8.7 mph Max. Speed
Recommended Age
Electronic brake on the self-balancing scooter
Height Range
Recommended Age: 14+ years old
15% Hill Grade
Mobile App Integration
Mobile App
Safe Mode, New Rider Mode & Sports Mode
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Segway Ninebot Mecha Kit Ready. Aim. Blast!

From racing and drifting to aiming and shooting toy water bullets, it’s all fun and games with the new Ninebot Mecha Kit.

8.7 mph Max Speed
220 lbs Max Weight
14+ YO Max Age Suggested
3.7 mph Safe Mode

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